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  • New Adult Russian Gas Mask, Surplus

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    New! Adult Russian Gas Masks w/ Filter & Bag

    • These are Russian-made high-quality civilian gas masks GP-5, designed to protect from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) agents.
    • These protective masks are intended to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes from the effects of toxic agents, radioactive dust and bacteriological aerosols. 
    • Sizes (0 - 4) - CANNOT PICK SIZES 
    • 0: 63 cm 1: 63,5 - 65.5 cm 2: 66  68 cm 3: 68,5 - 70.5 cm 4: 71 cm
    ***All Action LLC does not offer any warranty or guarantee to the effectiveness of all gas masks/filters sold due to the age of the product. It is sold as Military Surplus and CANNOT be exported outside the USA.***


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